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Community Banter | by Masouma

By Mon 19 OctoberNovember 17th, 2020Community Banter

During the sessions I attended in Grand Junction, we thought about ideas of representing the people in our community’s stories during the pandemic. We came to the conclusion that we would collect three stories each and pick a symbol to represent it. Another idea was to each create a collage of words- describing our emotions and activities that we did during lockdown. I really enjoy the fact that we are going to make an exhibition for the people of the community to come and visit and interact with it.

The experience of writing stories and making a collage was exhausting but after collecting and finishing writing up the stories I felt proud of the work I had done.

I gained some interviewing skills after having interviewed 3 people, I think that my confidence and other skills improved significantly. The fact that I had already prepared the questions made me confident enough to ask more questions that came up in my head on the spot. I made sure that some of the questions were not too personal and made sure that the person was comfortable and didn’t feel pressured to answer all the questions by using careful language. I had improved this skill during the mock interviews we did with each other. Mock interviews, were a good way of seeing how the atmosphere would be and what the structure of the conversation might be like.

I hope that many people will attend the exhibition and probably connect with some of the stories.