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Grand Junction volunteers actively collect and preserve the important history to share on these pages. Explore the heritage of Paddington and its people, along with one of the finest neo-Gothic churches in the country.

St Mary Magdalene Church

The St Mary Magdalene Church was built by Founder and first vicar, Fr Richard Temple West, and architect, GE Street, as a place of worship and community for the lower working class. Learn of its reconstruction, consecration and history.


History of North Paddington

North Paddington has gone through a range of changes that affected the area. Learn about its heritage through events, such as the construction of Grand Junction Canal and the development of the Great Western Railway.

symmetrical view of chapel and organ

The Chapel of St Sepulchre

Located in the Undercroft of St Mary Magdalene’s Church, the Chapel of St Sepulchre is an integral part of the church’s history. Learn about the heritage of this holy site, its architect, Ninian Comper, and the recent restoration.


Building Grand Junction

Opening up the St Mary Magdalene Church to the community, Grand Junction was established as a living heritage centre. This virtual exhibition introduces the conservation work done to our church and the construction of Grand Junction’s new community wing.



A range of content curated by our Heritage Pioneer Volunteers through a range of mediums such as podcasts, video essays and research articles, you will get a chance to learn about the history surrounding Paddington through different voices.


“It is most necessary to avoid rusticity in any way, whether in material, design, or execution.”

George Edmund Street