From September 2022 – July 2024 Grand Junction will be delivering a National Heritage Lottery Funded project called Our Shared HeritageThrough this project we will explore and celebrate the stories of the Middle Eastern and North African communities living close by to Grand Junction, inviting cultural exchange with the wider community. This project seeks to dismantle barriers that exist to this community engaging with the Victorian heritage of St Mary Magdalene’s Church; by inviting them into the space to explore and tell their own stories of events that took place in people’s home countries and stories of arriving in London and settling in West London from the timeline of our building’s history (1878 to the present). Partnerships with professional organisations, artists, and curators will lead to performances and an exhibition sharing these stories with wider London audiences.

Heritage Training Academy

A programme for young people from BAME backgrounds who are interested in heritage, museums, and the arts.

Thu 6 October, 00:00
THURSDAYS, 28 SEPT - 7 DEC, 18.00 - 20.00

To the Table

Enjoy delicious free food and enjoy some creative activity with your neighbours

Tue 5 December, 18:00

Free Lunchtime Tours

Discover our rich Victorian heritage on a free highlights tour of the church

Wed 6 December, 12:30

Stories of the Middle East and North Africa Art Workshop

Community art project inviting people from Middle Eastern and North African heritage to create art and share food and stories together

Tue 16 January, 13:00
Tuesdays, 16th January – 26th March, 13.00 - 15.00
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