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Winter Bulletin: Our 2019 Highlights

By Mon 16 DecemberUncategorized
Winter Bulletin: Our 2019 highlights

As 2019 draws to a close, we look back over some of Grand Junction’s major accomplishments throughout the year.

This year finally saw the opening of Grand Junction at St Mary Magdalene’s as a new venue for community, arts and culture.

The results of two years of building work are tremendous; the church and its new extension look wonderful, and since we opened our doors in June, we are welcoming more and more of the local community. Alongside a bustling activities programme, we are delivering a range of cultural events in partnership with arts organisations. Grand Junction Café is also now open. Managed by Bovingdons, who were appointed as Grand Junction’s catering and hospitality provider in July, the team are serving delicious food, and providing catering for our venue hire bookings.

To give you a snapshot: in one week last month as well as our weekly community sessions we hosted a green networking event, a tour for the Ancient Monuments Society, and a college ball; threw a party to celebrate our launch; welcomed local children and their parents to our monthly Saturday Art Party, and rounded it off in style with Takeover the Future. This was a highlight, with local young people working with artists to curate a festival experience complete with live music, spa experiences, cinema screenings, and a boxing ring!

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your support over the last year: to the funders and donors who have recognised the project’s potential and enabled it to happen; to our local community and partners, including a growing team of volunteers, who have helped shape the project’s character and vision; and to all the consultants and contractors who have worked so hard to deliver the building.

We are at the end of one stage of our journey, but another is just beginning – to establish Grand Junction as a community and arts venue. This will have its own challenges, but it also feels very full of promise.

Please do come to see us, take part, and enjoy what Grand Junction has to offer.

With very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Toby Gale, Director of Operations, Grand Junction

Fr Henry Everett, Vicar of St Mary Magdalene, Paddington