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Venue Hire Terms & Conditions

The Licensor:  Paddington Development Trust

The Licensee: 

Date: April 2020

Grand Junction at St Mary Magdalene’s is managed by Paddington Development Trust (PDT), working in partnership with The Vicar and Parochial Church Council (PCC) of St Mary Magdalene Church, Paddington.

Venue Hire

No venue hire will be treated as confirmed until PDT has received email confirmation of your Venue Hire Proposal, and full payment or a deposit has been paid (depending on the type of event) and PDT has emailed a written confirmation of the booking. We reserve the right to cancel any hiring at any time in the event of an unavoidable or overriding requirement for the religious or emergency use of the building.

Payment is due strictly within fourteen (14) days of final invoice. Late payment may result in restrictions to future use of our facilities. All payments should be made by bank transfer unless approved by PDT. Please include the hire date as a reference when making your payment.

Safeguarding Policy

The safeguarding of children, young people and adults at risk is an important part of all parish and PDT activities. The safeguarding policy document demonstrates and guides all within the Diocese of London on the part that they play in safeguarding across the whole community. The Licensee is required to read and acknowledge acceptance of our Safeguarding Policy.

Access to building

There is no entitlement to access all or part of the building or equipment outside the hiring period. The licensee must only use the parts of the building agreed in the Venue Hire Proposal, use of additional areas outside the hiring agreement will result in additional fees. The licensee must ensure that the hired areas are vacated and cleared at end of the hiring period; failure to do so may result in additional fees.

Use of building

The use of the building must be appropriate and compatible with its consecration as a place of worship.  No dangerous, illegal or harmful activity shall be permitted.  Smoking is not permitted in any area inside the church or annex of the Grand Junction building.

PDT will only offer use of those areas of the building contained within its lease; this excludes the following parts of the Church that are out of bounds without exception:

  1. baptistery, chancel, organ and area behind the organ.
  2. sanctuary of St Sepulchre Chapel
  3. new vestry
  4. staircase, organ chambers, and clock and bell chambers within the Church tower

All temporary installations and decorations must be submitted and authorized by PDT four weeks (4 weeks) prior to your event in the event a Faculty needs to be raised.

  1. No changes, additions or alterations in or to the Premises (interior or exterior) and/or the contents thereof may be made except as agreed in writing in advance by us, all of which shall be of a temporary nature only and strictly necessary for the purposes of the Event.  You may not erect scaffolding or affix screws or nails to any building, structure or object at the Venue or the Premises without our prior written consent.   
  2. No equipment or structures of any kind may be erected on or attached to any part of the Premises, its contents or our equipment without our prior written approval.
  3. Proposals for any temporary structures or fixings, supports for heavy-equipment, ground protection, and the like must be submitted for our approval at least forty-five (45) days before the Hire Period.  All such items must be erected in accordance with applicable British Standards and to our satisfaction.
  4. Furniture, or other contents in or at the Premises may not be moved without our prior written consent, and then only by our staff or under their direct supervision and at your additional cost.
  5. You must take precautions to prevent damage to floors or floor coverings. For example, equipment may need rubber-tipped feet or protective boards underneath, and heavy work-boots or stiletto heels may be forbidden in particular areas. No liquids including water and cleaning products should be applied to the tiled floors in the church.
  6. No cleaning or use of cleaning products without the prior written consent of PDT.


All meeting room catering is serviced through our in-house café and catering company. Alcohol must not be brought in or sold.  PDT must be informed in advance if there will be alcohol supplied at your event even if provided by a sponsor.


Grand Junction is a Grade 1 historic building. Due to the paramount importance of this building and its contents, we require all hirers to take out public liability insurance cover with a reputable insurer based in the United Kingdom to a level of cover of at least £5,000,000 per occurrence. Hirers will be responsible for any liability that arises from their use of the building or its equipment and are required to indemnify the Church in connection with such use.  They are advised to take out a public liability policy to a minimum of £5 million to cover themselves and third parties during their hiring.  The church has a public liability policy up to £3 million for each incident covering claims for negligence in maintaining the condition of the building and its equipment. Unless otherwise agreed, you will be required to take out this insurance, and provide to us a copy of any relevant policy, together with evidence of payment of the applicable premium, prior to the start of the Venue Hire Period.

Data Protection

Personal data provided to us will be used only in connection with the Event, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You must ensure that before providing any individual’s personal data to us you have drawn their attention to that Notice.


The Licensee is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses or consents from magistrates and the local authority to carry their proposed activity in the building. Failure to do so may result in your event being cancelled.


The Licensee indemnifies the Licensor against loss, costs and expenses arising from all claims from any party (including members of the public, the licensee’s members, employees, contractors, etc.) arising from the licensee’s use of the building and associated equipment.

Resetting of the building

Neither the building nor any equipment must be damaged and all shall be left in a clean and tidy condition and the Nave space returned for worship. The Licensee hereby undertakes to ensure that all responsibilities as discussed with the Grand Junction Site & Facilities Team are fully discharged. Damages to the building or equipment will result in an additional charge. Some exceptional bookings may require a separate damage deposit.

Terms and Conditions of Venue Hire for Events

These terms and conditions shall be binding on any person or organisation (the Lessee) who enters into a contract (the Contract) to hire part of or all of the buildings at ADDRESS  (“the Premises”):

Grand Junction at St Mary Magdalene,

Paddington Development Trust, Rowington Close, London W2 5TF

Registered Charity Number 1080883

  1. PDT reserves the right to refuse applicants the use of part or all of the Premises at its absolute discretion. St Mary Magdalene’s is and Anglican Church. The discretion to refuse applications to use the Premises includes (but is not limited to) discretion to refuse applications considered to be at odds with the genuine religious belief that is central to the organisation’s purpose and function. The Lessee shall not assign the Contract to any other party without the prior written agreement of PDT.
  2. The Lessee shall be permitted to use only those parts of the Premises specified in the Venue Hire Proposal and approved by PDT. Different groups may be using different parts of the Premises simultaneously, and will require sharing common facilities including but not limited to corridors, reception and toilets.
  3. The Lessee shall not be granted exclusive use of the whole Premises unless the Lessee and PDT explicitly agree to the contrary.
  4. The Premises shall be used only for the purposes set out in the completed Venue Hire Proposal and approved by PDT.

The preservation of proper order within and out with the Premises shall be the responsibility of the Lessee. As a church, “proper order” includes maintaining behaviour that is compatible with the role and dignity of the church, and the practices, worship and belief of the Church of England.

  1. PDT is committed to the health and safety of its employees, members of the public and sub-contractors working on the Premises. The Lessee agrees to abide by all relevant provisions of health and safety law, and with any PDT health and safety rules and regulations.
  2. In the event that the Undercroft or upper level rooms need to be evacuated in an emergency, the lift is not to be used. In order that a person who is unable to walk can be evacuated, an emergency evacuation chair has been provided on each floor.
  3. Fire evacuation equipment on site is not suitable for persons who would be unable to transfer out of their wheelchair. Any lessee using the Undercroft or upper level rooms must ensure that all members of their group can be evacuated before confirming the event booking and using the facilities. If you intend to include any person in your group who will need assistance to escape in an emergency, it is your responsibility to make suitable and sufficient arrangements for them. If you need advice speak to the GRAND JUNCTION manager in advance of your event.
  4. No smoking is permitted anywhere on the Premises.
  5. No illegal activity is permitted anywhere on the Premises. GRAND JUNTION may insist on the immediate departure of any Visitor from the Venue and/or the Premises if we consider that the conduct or behaviour of that person is unacceptable.
  6. The number of persons attending any event under the Contract shall be limited to the capacity of the rooms as stipulated by PDT. Lessee shall not cause or allow the capacity to be exceeded.
  7. The Lessee shall keep the part of the Premises being used in a neat and tidy condition during their use and will return it to the condition in which they found it.
  8. The Lessee shall be responsible for proven damage caused by or arising out of their occupancy of the Premises to the fabric; fixtures or fittings; and any property otherwise contained within the Premises (fair wear and tear excepted) resulting solely and directly from a negligent act or omission by the Lessee and/or its agents or employees in connection with the Lessee’s use of the Premises under this Agreement.  PDT shall present all claims for damage and/or injury in writing to the Lessee within forty-eight (48) hours of the completion of the hiring period. PDT reserves the right to make good any damage at the Lessee’s reasonable and pre-agreed expense, such agree expense to be deducted by PDT from the small damages deposit paid by Lessee under the Venue Hire Proposal. All unused small damages deposit funds to be refunded to the Lessee forty-eight (48) hours of the completion of the hiring period.
  9. If hiring the venue as an organisation, the Lessee shall have Public Liability Insurance of up to £5 million pounds. The Lessee will disclose their Public Liability Insurance status prior to hiring the facility on the Venue Hire Proposal. Any item brought into the Premises by a Lessee should be covered by the Lessee’s own insurance.
  10. No sign or notices shall be displayed inside or outside the Premises without approval from PDT.
  11. The use of naked flames, strobes, smoke or haze machines, dry ice, internal fireworks, party poppers, crackers, balloons, soil, sand or similar items is not permitted within the Premises. Smoking and vaporising are not permitted within the Premises. The use of candles are permitted with prior written consent and risk assessment, and will incur additional costs of a Fire Safety Officer on site at all times.
  12. No alteration or addition to or use of existing sound, camera, lighting, musical, audio visual, electric, electronic, kitchen or other equipment shall be carried out without the prior consent of PDT. Extra charges may apply for use of these facilities.
  13. The grant of permission to the items referred to in Clause 17 is at the absolute discretion of PDT. The Lessee shall be responsible for ensuring persons for whom permission to use the equipment listed in Clause 17 is sought are appropriately trained and where necessary that they hold appropriate qualifications for the tasks and operations concerned. The Lessee shall prevent all persons other than anyone authorised by PDT from operating or using any appliances, equipment, machinery or other fixtures and fittings on the Premises. Liability or any loss, injury or damage arising from any incident involving the equipment listed in Clause 17 shall rest with the Lessee.
  14. All electrical appliances brought onto and used on the Premises by or on behalf of the Lessee must be fully tested in compliance with current legislation and proof be exhibited to PDT, if required, to that effect.
  15. All fittings and equipment brought onto the Premises by the lessee shall be removed immediately after completion of the let unless there is explicit agreement is reached to the contrary with PDT. In the event of the Lessee failing to clear the Premises to the satisfaction of PDT this shall be done by PDT and the expense borne by the Lessee.
  16. PDT shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the property or goods used or exhibited on the Premises or left by the Lessee or persons attending the Premises.
  17. In the event of the Premises not being vacated by the time specified in the Venue Hire Proposal or no later than 23:59 or at the pre-agreed closure of the event, the Lessee will be liable to pay additional room hire, a surcharge and Site Charges per hour or part thereof during which the occupation of the Premises by the Lessee continues.
  18. In the event of the Premises not being vacated by the time specified in the Venue Hire Proposal, the Lessee will be liable to PDT for any losses sustained by them as a result (for example, but not limited to, losses occasioned by any a subsequent booking of the Premises being jeopardized by the Lessee’s failure to vacate the Premises).
  19. No goods whatsoever may be sold within the building nor any collection taken without the prior permission of PDT.
  20. If you intend to film or photograph the Event, you must inform us at least ten (10) working days prior to the Event, you must provide to us the identity of that representative, ensure that the film company has completed our filming agreement and provides us with all supporting documentation. All filming for commercial use requires an application for a Faculty with a minimum of four (4) weeks notice.
  21. PDT reserves the right to cancel any Contract without notice and without liability, legal or otherwise, to the Lessee or any person affected thereby in the event of: war; riot; state of emergency; civil unrest; where any member of the public is at risk (or thought to be at risk); strike (official or otherwise); act of God; failure of electricity, gas or other power supply however caused; or for any reason whatsoever out with the control of PDT. In the event of such a cancellation, any monies deposited with PDT by the Lessee in respect of the Contract so cancelled shall be refunded in full to the Lessee.

To secure a booking, the Venue Hire Proposal must be signed and confirmed by email to PDT acknowledging your acceptance of these terms and conditions and either full payment in advance or the deposit paid for larger events. Once the confirmation has been received the Licensee now holds a reserved booking and a PDT invoice will then follow.

Payment in advance under the contract is due as follows:



Large Events, Concerts

Conferences and Weddings

50% of total price on invoice plus damage deposit of £1000

Events in Meeting Rooms

Small events and Concerts

Total amount specified on invoice

The Venue Hire deposit will be credited towards the total amount specified in the contract.

  • Advertised prices are non-negotiable.
  • In the event of a date change of a Venue Hire being made by the Lessee after confirmation of Venue Hire proposal a £25 administrative fee will be due.
  • In the event of cancellation of a Venue Hire being made by the Lessee after confirmation of Venue Hire proposal and making relevant payments, the following cancellation fees will be due:



28 days prior to the event date

50% of the total due under the Venue Hire contract

3 working days or less prior to event date

100% of the total due under the Venue Hire contract