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Brenda Meadows

As a young child during World War II, Brenda remembers the sense of community and the generosity of her neighbours. She fondly recalls how people who didn’t need their sweets ration would leave their coupons in the shop where her mother worked so that others could benefit from them instead. 

Maria Kamara

Marie grew up in Blechynden Street near Latimer Road. After leaving school, Marie performed with Ballet Nègres, the first Black ballet company in Britain, before touring Europe as a fire-eating double act with her husband.

In this extract Marie recalls being separated from her mother when she was evacuated as a child during WWII. 

Patrick McCabe

In this extract, Patrick talks about hiding under the staircase in his house when the air raid sirens sounded.

“It is most necessary to avoid rusticity in any way, whether in material, design, or execution.”

George Edmund Street