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Voices of North Paddington Online Exhibition 

The story of North Paddington is one of continuity and change. Not only has the landscape of this area been transformed to reflect the needs of a modern era, but it has also witnessed the blending of the cultures of longstanding residents with those from around the globe. This ebb and flow of people and technologies has created a unique community, whilst impacting the everyday lives of those who called North Paddington home. 

Growing Up in Paddington

Tony, Geoff, Marie, Eddie and June share memories of their childhoods during and after the Second World War. Hear what they have to say about evacuations, domestic duties, school, and family life in North Paddington.

Changing Landscapes

Adam tells us about the tenant-controlled housing association WECH and Andy gives an overview of the housing situation in parts of Paddington over the last decades. Marie, Lucille, Sue, Anne-Marie, and Brenda share their own personal stories of settling into their new homes in North Paddington.

Paddington Now

Anne Marie, Lucille and Alex reflect on life in Paddington today. Hear what they have to say about changes to the area, gentrification and community in North Paddington.

Bill, Ken, Lesley and Father Henry discuss the restoration of St Mary Magdalene’s Church and the partnership with Paddington Development Trust.

“It is most necessary to avoid rusticity in any way, whether in material, design, or execution.”

George Edmund Street