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Adam Hug

Adam has been a Labour councillor representing Westbourne for 10 years, having first moved to Westminster in 2006.

Adam talks about the challenges of bringing people together and building community cohesion in an area that has huge wealth disparities, and where people from different cultures and heritage live parallel lives. 

Adam  White

In this extract Adam discuss the changes that have occurred in society and the improvements in living standards.

Alex Johnson

Adam discusses the gentrification of London and how North Paddington has stayed surprisingly resistant to this, although circumstances have changed it still looks similar when compared to the rest of London.

Andy Watson

Andy reminisces of his life in North Paddington from 1970 to 1976 discussing the reputation the area had with crime and the vibrant culture that existed.

Anna Hadeed

Anna was born at St Mary’s Hospital in 1969. Today, she is engaged in community development, working as a Fundraiser for Westbourne Park Family Centre. 

Here, Anna talks about having a West Indian mother and British father, and how unique this was considered to be as a child despite the rich diversity in North Paddington. 

Brenda Meadows

Brenda talks about how the people and buildings have changed in North Paddington, and how nice it is to see the variety of people.

Gwith Burchill

Gwith explains the early history of North Paddington as a slum in the 1800s to the presence of the film and music industries during 1950s and 60s, turning the area in a melting pot of culture.

Hasna Kahlalech

Hasna grew up in France and moved to London in 1994 to work as an au-pair. Hasna has since become heavily involved in the local community, delivering women-only exercise classes for community groups, and becoming a Trustee with PDT. 

Here, Hasna talks about the changing demographics in North Paddington, the many different ethnicities and cultures that are in the area, and the effects of the cost-of-living crisis is having on the community.

John Phillips

In the extract John talks about the race issues during the 1970s in North Paddington, recalling the time in 1977 when the community united against the National Front leafleting in the area.

Lucile Hayes

Lucille moved to the newly built Warwick Estate in 1963, when she was 11 years old. She has happy memories of seeing the blocks being constructed and the area gradually developing. 

Here, Lucille describes how she and her parents were fascinated to watch the first cars drive over the Westway, above Westbourne Green. 

Michael Dipple

Michael discusses how immigration has defined North Paddington welcoming people from all parts of the world and he also talks about the introduction of community support workers into the area and the difference it made to the community of young people.

Michele Lee

Revd Michele has fulfilled the role of Anglican Chaplain at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington for 20 years, offering pastoral and spiritual support to patients, staff and visitors. 

In this extract Michele talks about how St Mary’s is very much a community hospital used by local people, including her own family. 

Steve Shaw

Steve describes the different shops and businesses that were in North Paddington when he was growing up, from a bamboo shoot factory to a bingo hall turned punk and reggae venue.

Tony Grey

Tony was born in 1948 and moved to Lord Hills Road as a baby. He attended Edward Wilson Primary School on Senior Street and would play in the local roads with other so-called ‘latchkey kids’. 

Here, Tony discusses the different experiences of multiple generations that have lived in North Paddington and the issues that poverty causes.

“It is most necessary to avoid rusticity in any way, whether in material, design, or execution.”

George Edmund Street