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Bill Jacob

Bill was appointed Archdeacon of Charing Cross in 1996, taking up the role of overseeing the parishes in the City of Westminster. During this time, Bill was heavily involved in seeking solutions for St Mary Magdalene’s.

Here, Bill talks about the partnership formed with Paddington Development Trust, and the idea of creating a new heritage centre. 

Denise Laxton

Denise became involved in Grand Junction’s Living Heritage project to find out more about her family history, during which she discovered that her connection to the area dates back five generations: to 1880.

In this extract Denise talks about her great grandparents, who were both born in neighbouring streets to St Mary Magdalene Church. 

John Wilkes

Here, John talks about the Anglo-Catholic tradition of the church, holding services at St Mary Magdalene and how it is returning to the historical use as a multi-functional space.

Lesley Chakravorty

Lesley first became involved with the church through her son, who sang here with the St Mary Magdalene Primary School choir. Lesley now fulfils a key role – as Treasurer on the church council.

Here, Lesley recalls her sadness at seeing the deterioration of the church, prior to its recent restoration. 

Nigel Smith

Here, Nigel talks about the local history of the church and how much the area has changed over time.

“It is most necessary to avoid rusticity in any way, whether in material, design, or execution.”

George Edmund Street