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Researched articles curated by our Heritage Pioneer Volunteers on a range of topics based around North Paddington.

Junction of the Canals

Heritage Pioneer Volunteer, Ayla Michelle Demir, collects a series of researched information around the history on the Junction of the Canals that dates back to Roman Britain to current modern times.

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Getting an Education: 1865 – 1926

Heritage Pioneer Volunteer, Lorraine Singh, provides a culmination of their research around education establishment in and around North Paddington and their affects on the youth between 1865 to 1926. The main focus point being on St. Mary Magdalene C of E School.

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St Mary Magdalene’s Church on Film

St Mary Magdalene’s has been featured in many films and television programmes, such as Les Misérables, Wonder Woman, Lewis, Silent Witness, Little Dorrit and Humans. The church is also seen in music videos and student productions, including a Valentine cover for Kerrang magazine and Game of Thrones connection.

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The Boatmen’s Chapel Junction Mews

Heritage Pioneer Volunteer, Susan O’Reilly, shares their research on the Boatmen’s Chapel, Junction Mews. A four-bedroom house on the corner of Junction Mews, this building is one notable part of North Paddington. It has been used as a place of worship, a social centre, an art gallery and a builders’ office.

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Medieval Westbourne

Heritage Pioneer Volunteer, Jason Ivinson, provides their study on the history of Wesbourne Green before the 19th Centry. For almost a millennium before it was drawn into the urban sprawl of London, Westbourne had a long and distinct history as a hamlet in the county of Middlesex which is now largely forgotten.

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“It is most necessary to avoid rusticity in any way, whether in material, design, or execution.”

George Edmund Street