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We have been talking with teachers at Westminster Academy to create an incredible programme of free creative activities to help students meet their curriculum targets, provide valuable career experience, boost that CV AND inspire. Here are the projects we are offering.

Museum, Arts & Heritage Career Days

When | Dates tbc

Insider knowledge about what it takes to work in the museum, arts and heritage sectors, the career pathways and experience required.

Part 1 | Four classes of year 10, 11 or 12 students will come to Grand Junction to meet representatives from 20 leading museums, galleries, and cultural sites. There will also be a panel discussion at the end of the morning. 

Part 2 | Teachers will select 5 students who have shown interest in a Museum, Arts & Heritage Career Day, to attend 1 day of trips, seminar, lectures at heritage sites, museums and galleries. The group of 20 will experience university style learning and get a good idea of how they might find their route into a heritage job.

How | Attend the event with your class and then, if you would like to, you can apply to attend the university taster sessions at established arts & heritage sites in London.


Join as part of a development team and be tasked with project management, school’s outreach/ promotion, social media, budget management, and design work depending on your interests.

We will meet once a week on Monday after school for 9 weeks to plan this event. Dates tbc.

Email ella@pdt.org.uk if you would like to be involved, with your name, age, year group and availability.


When | Dates tbc.

Would you like Grand Junction to host your next young POWER event? Could it become part of the Museum, Arts & Heritage Career Day programme? We invite you to propose your ideas.

You will then get the experience of liaising with Grand Junction and learning about how external organisations manage events: health & safety, booking systems,

contracts, liaising with site managers and young people’s team etc.

How | Once you have established your lead team, we ask that you write a proposal on 1 side of A4 and email ella@pdt.org.uk. You should state who you all are, what your idea is, the date you hope to hold event and what support you think you will need (advice, budget, equipment etc.)

We will meet once a week on Monday after school for 6-9 weeks to plan this event. Dates tbc.

Community Banner

When | September-December 2020. Dates tbc.

We will plan 9 regular meetings to update each other, whether on Zoom or IRL.

An intergenerational community banner will be produced in collaboration with artist Sarah Pimenta and people living in the Westminster Paddington areas illustrating thoughts and feelings from lockdown.  The banner will be displayed at Grand Junction, with its first viewing to happen during the Takeover Festival.

People will submit a drawn symbol that represents their feelings during lockdown – sad, happy, joyful, worried – how they feel, along with a brief description. These will then be turned into a screen-printed Mandala banner by the artist.

How | Become a community researcher. Identify the demographics of our local area: cultures and ages. Our researchers will then devise a strategy for the best way to reach all these groups and ensure representation of everyone’s experiences on the banner.

Participate in community outreach (digitally or in real life). Collect lockdown stories from our communities and promote the banner project to them using a variety of techniques that you have judged to be effective, e.g. face2face, social media, online videos, flyers, posters.

 If you are interested in this project, please email ella@pdt.org.uk with your name, year group and age.


When | Dates tbc.

The undercroft is a beautiful space underneath the building that is the perfect exhibition site. There will be a programme of exhibitions throughout the year, displaying work from artists, architects, researchers and students.

How | Curate an art exhibition and produce an opening event. Develop an exhibition proposal, alongside students and staff. This can be for work in any medium.

Design an opening event, which could involve collaborations with drama and food technology students. Liaise with staff at Grand Junction to book in dates, times and any cross-promotion that we can support. Create a Press Release.

If your are interested in participating, please email ella@pdt.org.uk with a proposal outlining your theme, equipment needed, team members and suggested dates on 1 side of A4.

Takeover Festival

When | Saturday 20th February 2021

Be on a small creative team to plan, organise and deliver a community festival at Grand Junction. You will have a budget of £1000 to buy and book whatever you want – from music, food, entertainment, art, games, comedy, wellbeing activities. You will work alongside professional events planners and learn new skills such as budgeting, marketing, promotion, booking, health and safety and more.

How | We will meet Tuesdays 3.45-5.30pm from 12th Jan – 16th Feb 2021 to plan. If you are interested in being on the team or if you would like to volunteer and steward on the festival day please email joanne@grandjunction.org.uk with your name, year group and age.

Youth Committee

When | Three meetings per year

Do you want to help shape a charity? Do you want to advise a community arts hub on what projects to programme for young people? Do you want to be a leader? Join our Young Committee and help Grand Junction to improve their community focus and be the voice of local young people in Westminster.

How | If you would like to sign up, please email joanne@grandjunction.org.uk with your name, year group and age.

Click here to see our Westminster Academy Volunteering offer.


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Junction Juniors: A Creative After-School Club

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