The Unseen World: A night of medicine music with Ora Dea

Fri 27 May, 19:00
From £25

Through an enchanting mix of concert, collective singing, and ecstatic dance, guests will be ushered into a liminal space of connection and celebration in our beautiful and historic church.

Music is medicine for the soul. Join us for a transporting evening fashioned of the sounds from cultures around the world as we celebrate the launch of Ora Dea‘s new single, Condor.

The evening will include storytelling, the sacred chants of Terra Cosmica, Ora Dea and a spectacular visual video feast. Then the evening will transform into a participatory one as we join in a group singing circle and end with an ecstatic dance by the incredible Mira Khanya.

Concert by Ora Dea 

Visuals by Bolivian artist Pompeya, Ora Dea and renowned photographer Mirella Ricciardi

Story telling and opening act by Terra Cosmica

Ecstatic dance by Mira Khanya


Flow of the evening

Setting the scene with Terra Cosmica

The evening will open to the beautiful sounds of Terra Cosmica, a female and male duet originally from Spain and Mexico, that both work on Mayan and world tribe’s traditions of ritual, chants and rhythms.

They will begin with a gentle meditation to introduce the story of “The Unseen World – El Mundo Invisible”, followed by a Mayan and North Japanese sacred chant, bringing gentle rhythms of trance to create an intimate ceremonial space to open for Ora Dea.

Live concert by Ora Dea and visual art display

Ora Dea’s latest song that tells the story of The Eagle & The Condor – an ancient prophecy, shared by many Indigenous people. The prophecy says when the Eagle of North America and advanced countries and the Condor of South America unite, the spirit of peace will awaken. After 500 years of colonisation, Indigenous elders believe that this union has begun.

Oea Dea’s lyrics are inspired by the native wisdom of South America bridging a beautiful exchange with Europe and the UK – accompanied by a beautiful and immersive moving image piece, the show goes beyond simple storytelling to connect and re -join with our spirits and our ancestors in a ceremonial celebration meeting the ancient and the new world.

Singing circle

After their performance, Ora Dea and George Barker will lead the audience in one of their transporting singing circles. These singing circles feature a few easy-to-join-in medicine songs that connect the audience with the 5 elements (air, earth, fire, water, heart) and use healing frequencies to bring a feeling of wellbeing and release. They teach songs in Portuguese, Spanish, English and native languages, to promote wellbeing for all ages and backgrounds. The aim is to remember, reconnect and stimulate a balanced body, mind and soul – so that they all work in harmony.

DJ set + dance

Following the live concert and singing circle, the audience is invited to release into dance with live guest DJ sets from Movement Medicine magician Mira Khanya.

Date: 27 May 2022

Start Time: 19:45

Doors Open: 19:00

Doors Close: 19:30

Length: 4 hours

Tickets: from £25

Venue: Grand Junction is a venue for the community, arts and culture based at St Mary Magdalene Church. We also have a café serving delicious food overlooking the canal.

Closest Stations: Royal Oak (Circle and Hammersmith & City line) 0.64km

Warwick Avenue (Bakerloo line) 0.64km

Paddington Station (National Rail services and Circle, District, Bakerloo, Hammersmith & City line) 1.4km


Covid-19 Policy 

As of 24 February the government is removing all remaining Covid-19 restrictions.

At Grand Junction we will continue to do a number of things to keep our staff and audiences as safe as possible.

While you are no longer legally required to self-isolate if you test positive for COVID-19, it is still advised that you stay at home to avoid contact with other people. Please bear this in mind before travelling to an event at Grand Junction if you have tested positive for COVID-19.

We welcome audience members and staff wearing face coverings if they wish to do so.

Hand sanitiser stations are positioned around the building.

Careful consideration of entry and exit points to avoid crowding. We will check your ticket at the entrance to the venue to avoid queuing and crowds forming indoors.

Regular cleaning and regular ventilation of the space, to ensure a flow of clean air.

Click here to view Grand Junction’s full Covid-safety information. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any further questions.