artists montage of Bex Burch playing the trumpet, Kim Macari, Maria Grapsa playing the piano & Ell Kendall

Daylight Music: Bex Burch, Kim Macari, Maria Grapsa & Ell Kendall

Sat 16 October, 12:00

Arctic Circle’s Daylight Music presents 336: Searching for a sense of belonging (across space and time).

Over a decade, Daylight Music has become a staple of the capital’s live music scene, with an eclectic mix of music, delicious cake, and iconic venues.  Featured regularly in Time Out’s 101 Things To Do in London and cited in The Rough Guide to Make the Most of Your Time in Britain it has become both an institution for Londoners, and a reason to visit the city!

Grand Junction are delighted to welcome Daylight Music for two concerts this season. This is a Pay-What-You-Can event.

Line-up: Bex Burch (Vula Viel), Kim Macari, Ell Kendall, and Maria Graspa (see About for artist details)

“Shake off that Friday night hangover with this feel-good Saturday afternoon event”

Time Out

“Family-friendly gigs...a typically eclectic programme, from alt-folk to hipster classical”

The Guardian

“I love Daylight Music. It’s such a brilliant idea, live music in an iconic venue, pay what you can afford entry, cake and tea. What is not to love about this?”

Emma Champion

The Artists

Returning artist to the series Bex Burch (Vula Viel) is a composer, producer and improviser. Bex believes in the transformative power of power of sound and aims to create music which resonates. She builds her own instrument (augmented gyil), and makes music drawing from a wide range of influences including classical, minimalist and Dagaare Ghanaian.

Bex is joined for the first time by musician Kim Macari, who is an Artist-Activist immersed in the world of improvised music. Kim believes in the arts as a powerful tool of empowerment, creative expression and social change. As an artist, she performs in a number of improvised settings on trumpet and spoken word and creates graphic scores, often using ekphrasis and data sonification.

Ell Kendall is a sound artist and orchestrator from London, whose music seems to capture a moment in time, freeze it and slowly unravel its essence. His inspiration ranges from avant-garde composers and performance artists to early religious music and ritual. Ell had also recently been creating works for the NHS, researching and developing new music to aid patient well-being and respiratory rehabilitation in the wake of the pandemic. This is music very much locked in this moment.

Tomorrow’s Warriors return to the series this time presenting Athens-born Maria Grapsa. Her music influences are diverse and include a classical music background, Greek origins and world, folk and Latin influences, all meeting at the boundaries of jazz.  Like Ell her music explores the existential themes of time and the relationship we carve and create with it as human beings. This afternoon explores how personal and social changes can affect us throughout our lives especially when it comes to our creativity. Let thought and reflection guide you through the music.

Date: 16 October 2021

Start Time: 12:00

Length: 2 hours

Venue: Grand Junction is a new venue for the community, arts and culture based at St Mary Magdalene Church. Our mission is to create and present an eclectic, collaborative programme of music, arts and performance for young people, families and adults. We also have a café serving delicious food overlooking the canal.


Grand Junction advise visitors to wear masks while moving around the building. We ask all ticket-holders not to travel to Grand Junction for an event if they have either Covid-19 symptoms or a positive Covid-19 test.

We will update our Covid safety information as government guidance changes. Click here to view further Covid-safety information.

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