Grand Junction and COVID-19

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Grand Junction and Coronavirus COVID-19

How is everyone? We hope you’re doing okay. I heard a new term the other day, ‘Coronacoaster’, and it certainly can feel like that during lockdown.

With Grand Junction currently closed, myself, and the rest of the Grand Junction team (Toby, Sara, Ella, Jo, Elena and James), are really missing having you all in the building – the buzz of all the different activities going on.

That said, we have been enjoying creating online activities for you, and have been amazed at how well teachers and facilitators have adapted to Zoom. Thanks to all of you who have joined us on this journey so far!

This month we have even more to offer. If you haven’t already, please do visit our You Tube channel here and subscribe to stay up to date. On our website What’s On pages, you’ll  find all the latest new online events.

We don’t know yet when we’ll meet again, but, until we do, let’s stay connected with Grand Junction @home.

Lucy Foster, Community Programme Manager 







We are working with volunteers to offer free support getting online. If you would like support with this, email Sara at

Stay in touch on social media for updates: on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @grandjunctionw2

Westminster City Council now have a  live Covid 19 help-line. Please call this for Covid 19 information or if you have an urgent need –  020 7641 1222.  

To contact us email: or call 020 7266 8258.