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Community Banter | by Haya

By Thu 10 DecemberCommunity Banter

Having the opportunity to take part in the community banter project was very insightful and fruitful. I enjoyed this experience a lot and have experienced a different type of teamwork where it all depends on how we work together. I really enjoyed brainstorming ideas for our project and finally coming up with ‘Community Banter’ as the title.

To work on this project we had to interview 3 people and write down their stories and give them symbols. I think this experience boosted my confidence and also allowed me to develop comfort when approaching people and starting conversations with strangers. Also this activity helped me with developing the way I would approach someone with questions to find the important details and get as much information as possible. Moreover, relating a symbol to each story was a creative way to remember different experiences and stories of different people. I really liked the idea of the symbols as they hold a greater meaning and also give the story more power and value to the reader.

I really hope this project will turn out as a success because working on it is very exciting and fun and I would want other people to experience this through the community’s stories.